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5 ways your therapist is hurting instead of helping you

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Featured in the Daily Telegraph, Runner’s World, Men's Health and on Sky Sports, Victory Health & Performance is recommended by London’s leading sports injury consultants, London Sports Orthopaedics, to provide expert, clinical physiotherapy, rehabilitation and fitness programmes following our unique Health & Performance Pyramid model.

The Victory team has over 50 years of experience in health, fitness and sporting performance, in situations ranging from office environments to war zones; and our Clinical Director has been named best physiotherapist in London for serious injuries and rehabilitation by Zesty.

Unlike your average physio centre where you’re just another number, you’ll find that the unrivalled, highly professional team at Victory really listens to your issues, analyses you clinically, and then gives you a comprehensive bespoke pathway to help you achieve the results you want.

Take the first step to freeing yourself from pain: call us now on 0207 175 0150 or email us at help@victoryhealthandperformance.com.

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Larissa Miola, VCCP | url %]

'Victory Health & Performance were the best find of the year for me. Having endured over 20 years of back pain with no response to any treatment from physios, osteos and, it was both a relief and a surprise to find Nell and her team. They rehabilitated me before and after my back operation and did such a good job that I was able to return to work 2 weeks post-surgery - even my neurosurgeon has commented on how quick and well my recovery has been. In fact, other niggles that have plagued me for years are beginning to clear up, which is amazing. I cannot recommend their friendly, professional and remarkable (to the point of witchcraft!) services enough. '

Larissa Miola, VCCP
Paul Taylor, British Shooting | url %]

'I had heard that Nell used to be in the Army and was therefore concerned that her treatment would be a somewhat painful experience. In fact, I couldn't have been more wrong! I was really surprised to find that she thinks treatment is actually more effective when it doesn't hurt -€“ and I am proof of this. I'™m now running faster and my shooting stance has improved dramatically! '

Paul Taylor, British Shooting
Flt Lt Claire Ashby, RAF | url %]

'Victory Health & Performance is the only team I have been treated by who have actually made a noticeable difference to my mobility and quality of life. They seem to have a near-magical ability to find what is not working and to fix it. Before being treated by Victory I was nearly forced to change careers, but now I am able to fulfil the full duties of my often physically strenuous job. I think Victory have the best therapists I have ever come across and cannot recommend them highly enough. '

Flt Lt Claire Ashby, RAF
Izzy Bishopwood, Wales Lacrosse | url %]

'Having been in pain for a long time, I had come to accept a certain level of ache in my back as normal and acceptable, and barely noticed it. However, I have now gone beyond that. Following Nell'™s instructions, I am able to exercise without feeling any pain in my back. I have to say, it is absolute bliss. '

Izzy Bishopwood, Wales Lacrosse