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Do you know anyone who’d really benefit from a session at Victory, but who for some reason is reluctant to actually make it happen?  Why not prompt them into action with a gift voucher?

Our gift vouchers are available in £5, £10 and £50 denominations and may be exchanged in part or full payment of any available treatment or package of treatment.

If the value of the gift voucher is less than the value of the treatment or the package of treatment, then the person redeeming it may pay the balance using cash or credit/debit card.  If the value of the gift voucher is greater than the value of the treatment or package of treatment, then the balance may be applied to future treatment.

Yoga for Stressed People

Overwhelmed? Stress can have an impact on every area of your life, and is something most of our patients mention. We’ve put together a yoga course specifically designed to reduce stress, leaving you more able to manage whatever life throws at you. You’ll have access to videos of the routine, information on the science behind stress, a mood tracker and loads more. Give it a go on Thinkific, here.

5 Minutes to Healthier Knees

Knee pain is a common problem, but there are lots of simple and manageable things you can do to help improve your knee pain. In this course, we go through some quick and easy exercises (as well as the science behind them) so that you can reduce your knee pain and get back to moving easily.

Pelvic Pain, Pelvic Drivers

A course designed for people with pelvic pain, or pain brought on by other body parts compensating for their pelvis. This in-depth course takes you through an RSM (Release, Stabilise, Move) programme specifically designed to help your pelvis function better and reduce pain coming from a pelvic driver.

Stretches for Desk Based Workers

If you spend all day at a desk, you might be becoming ‘chair shaped’ – this can mean becoming stiff, with pain your shoulders, neck and hamstrings. We’ve put together some stretches and exercises just for those people who spend all day at a desk to help get you moving again.

Foot Pain, Foot Drivers

Our online course designed for people who have foot pain or have pain brought on by their body compensating for sore or dysfunctional feet. The course has series of exercises following the RSM (Release, Stabilise, Move) programme to help your feet move and feel better.

Books We Recommend

Keep Your Joints Young by Sarah Key

Recommended for anyone with stiff or painful joints – this book not only explains what happens when joints become stiff, but gives lots of really great exercises to help you loosen them up again.

Back Sufferers’ Bible by Sarah Key

Do you have a sore back? This book explains Sarah Key’s 5 Stages of Back Pain and helps you to work out what stage your back is at, and what exercises you can do to make it better.

Mindsight by Daniel Siegel

Recommended for people with chronic pain, this book explains the science behind how we think, and helps us to change our brain chemistry for the better.

The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Norman Doidge explains the concept of neuroplasticity – how we can remodel our brains. Meet the doctor who is still practising at 90 and the stroke victim who, through a series of exercises, rewired his own brain and learned to walk, eat and talk again.

The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge

Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Norman Doidge explains the concept of neuroplasticity – the way the brain changes – through some remarkable stories about people who have learned to control their chronic pain, their Parkinsons symptoms, brain injury symptoms and Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

The Pelvic Girdle, by Diane Lee

A “must” for therapists who want to understand how the body works – in the 4th edition of The Pelvic Girdle, pioneering physiotherapist Diane Lee has put the pelvis into the context of the rest of the body, explaining how it relates to the Integrated Systems Model that we practise at Victory.

Your Inner Physician and You by Dr John Upledger

Read about the birth of Upledger Craniosacral Therapy (one of the treatment methodologies Nell uses) via some phenomenal case studies, by the founder of craniosacral therapy, Dr John Upledger.

Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr Kelly Starrett

Improve your joint mobility, treat stiffness, improve your athletic performance and- in short – learn to move beautifully in this classic text by physiotherapist and CrossFit guru Dr Kelly Starrett, the founder of

Products We Recommend

Yoga strap

As used in our yoga sessions, yoga straps can help you to achieve positions and stretches that would otherwise be very difficult.

Yoga brick

We use yoga bricks as a version of Sarah Key’s famous “back block”. Check out our YouTube channel for our back block routine.

Wobble cushion

A really important piece of equipment for anyone rehabbing from a knee or ankle injury, standing on a wobble cushion helps you to rebuild your proprioception and strengthen your core and glutes.

Still point inducer

The ideal way to reinforce craniosacral treatment: apply mild pressure to the back of your head to encourage your own still points.

Hand putty

Available in a range of resistances, these tubs of hand putty are great for rebuilding hand strength after injury or surgery.

Mini bike

This mini bike from physiotherapy supply company 66Fit is great for regaining strength and range of movement in hips, knees and ankles after injury or surgery, and is portable enough to fit under your desk.

Resistance bands

We use resistance bands in a range of tensions for exercises here in the clinic. They’re great for building resistance during functional movements.

Power bands

Also known as jumpstretch bands, these thick elastics are perfect for joint mobility exercises, Supple Leopard style. Stabilise the joint with the band, and then move to create space.

Spiky massage balls

We use these massage balls in clinic. They’re softer than most massage balls, which means you can really relax into them, whilst the spikes stop the ball from rolling away. They’re perfect for small muscles the foam roller can’t reach!

Cork tennis balls

We use these similarly to the spiky massage balls. Filled with cork, they’re much firmer than your average tennis ball and are the next step after a spiky ball for reaching small muscles the foam roller can’t get to.

Foam roller – 90 x 15 cm

We recommend foam rollers for the self-massage of tight muscles. Have a look at our YouTube channel for some ideas

Yoga mat

These thick, comfortable yoga mats are ideal for daily practice.

Water bottle

If you’re busy, quite often grabbing a drink of water can be the last thing on your mind. We recommend a bright, eye catching bottle that’ll remind you to stay hydrated – and this one even has markings on to let you know how much you’ve had to drink.

Books We Wrote

With proven top tips on how to maintain a healthy and safe posture along with the 8 most effective stretches that will prevent back problems and assist rehabilitation, this is a ‘no brainer’ for anyone who spends a lot of time in their vehicle.

If you spend all day sitting down (think sitting at your desk at work, and then on your sofa at home), your muscles eventually shorten and adapt to the demands you place on them. So – here are four very simple stretches you can do at home to help you feel less stiff – with minimal equipment required.

Triathlon is a sport which requires great control and strength from the extremities over a long period of time – so you need a strong, controlled core! Here are consultant physio Aileen’s top 5 exercises to make sure your core is up to competition standard.

Thinking of buying a bike and want to do it properly? Or a regular cycling or triathlon competitor who wants to get every ounce of power out of your legs? In conjunction with Swift Cycles, Helen discusses 5 really common issues that prevent cyclists from achieving the power outputs that they might reach if they only knew how…

Knee problems are among the most common issues we see here at Victory, and a big Scandinavian study in 1995 found that the most common cause of permanent disability following a sports injury was injury to the knee. So it’s worth looking after you knees properly! Here are some quick exercises you can start today to keep your knees in good shape.

The first six months of a baby’s life can be bewildering for new parents. How do you know what’s best for your new baby – and how do you know what’s best for you? Written with input from mums (including our own Hayley Hopkins) we’ve put together practical, simple advice to help you through your first six months.

Recommended Nutritional Supplements


Get your 5-a-day in one scoop with this powerful mix of powdered green vegetables. Packed with grasses, berries and digestive enzymes, Lean Greens give you more energy, less bloating, improved digestion and reduced sugar cravings – and now you can get 10% off with the code VICTORY10.


Sleep is vital for recovery – but why are so many of us so rubbish at getting enough quality sleep?  Drift Off tablets combine magnesium with zinc and vitamin B6 to help you sleep better and recover more efficiently.


A quality fish oil supplement to help you improve your metabolism, cardiovascular health, brain and memory – and regulate your cholesterol levels.


Created by Matt Lovell, nutritionist to England Rugby and England Football, R5 Aminos can help you recover after exercise and improve your sleep – a vital factor in stress control. We recommend mixing a scoop of R5 Aminos with Lean Greens; weirdly, the unusual flavours cancel each other out.


Another powder from Matt Lovell, this nootropic is a powerful blend of amino acids, herbs and synergistic ingredients designed to support mental alertness, focus and memory. The amino acids reduce environmental stress and increase the availability of neurotransmitters to the brain, and the adaptogenic herbs reduce the physical and mental effects of stress on the body.  Again – tastes better with juice than with water!

Personalised Nutrition From Usana

Rated Gold 5* in the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, USANA supplements are used by elite athletes worldwide.

Their flagship products are the Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral complexes, used to combat stress and inflammation at the cellular level. Click here to take the USANA health questionnaire and work out the best combination of supplements to help you. Or, if you know what you want, go straight to our USANA shop and create your own account for a 20% discount off the regular prices!