A regular massage can change your life

People often ask us how often they should get a massage.  And we think it’s something you should do regularly if you can – in fact, for optimal results if you’re a regular exerciser, a rule of thumb is to aim for a massage every 5-8 training sessions, or if you’re stuck at your desk for long periods, then a massage for every 50 hours of sitting is also a good rule. A one-off treat is nice, but a regular session can improve your quality of life, as Victory’s soft tissue specialist Hayley explains.

People come to see me for all sorts of reasons – whether they’re stressed, in pain, training too hard, or because they stiffen up from sitting down all day.  I am happy to help anyone with their issues, and at the start of each session, we discuss the session goals and do a few tests so that we can be sure the treatment has helped.  Massage can really help with minor niggles, for sure.  But the patients who do best are the ones who come to see me regularly, and this is how it helps:

Massage can help you to control your stress levels – Never underestimate the power of touch! Massage can be one of the most beneficial methods of treatment to beat stress. It boosts your serotonin levels, and reduces your adrenalin and cortisol, helping to prevent or treat anxiety and depression.

Massage can help with headaches – Many people hold their stress within the neck and shoulders.  And while certainly not every headache is neck related, for those that are, massage and craniosacral therapy can be a great way to put a stop to those nasty tension headaches, creating the feeling of a lighter mind with ‘more space to think’.

Massage can reduce back pain – Sitting at a desk for long hours? Gardening? Exercise? All of these can lead to aches and pains, especially within the back, which can be the result of poor posture and sustained stooping. Postural stress can show up as pain, weakness and spasm of the muscles around the spine. Massage can reduce this tension and identify areas of weakness which results to pain – and correcting this can improve your posture and reduce long term pain.

Massage can reduce your risk of injury – Regular massage is great at keeping soft tissue such as muscles, ligaments and tendons happy. By increasing blood flow within the muscle, and reducing lactic acid and waste products produced by the muscle when it works hard, massage can facilitate effective muscle function and metabolism. This can reduce the risk of potential injuries caused by muscle aches, pains and spasms.

Massage can help injuries to heal – Soft tissue massage is not only effective for preventing, but also for helping you heal from injuries.  Whether your issue is scar tissue or adhesions from an old injury, spasm from a more recent tear or strain, or pain or swelling after an operation – hands-on treatment will help.

Massage can help you sleep better – Massage promotes the production of seratonin which is the hormone of relaxation. And with relaxation comes a peaceful night’s sleep – which in turn, helps with healing and recovery so that tomorrow is a better day.

Massage can improve your general health – Regular massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure, boost the immune system, improve circulation, reduce oedema/ swelling, promote healing and improve low moods.

In short – regular massage can give you a better quality of life.   If your body can move with ease, and your mind has space to wander, your whole life is going to be positively impacted – and not only your life, but (if you’re being nicer) also those of your close family and friends. Imagine generally being in a good mood because you’ve had a good night’s sleep, happier because your stress levels are lower, being able to play with your children because you’re no longer in pain, not worrying about signing up for your next marathon because you know your body can cope with your demands? That’s surely got to be worth investing in.

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