Welcoming Nikki to Victory

This week, we have a special announcement: we have a new consultant physiotherapist at Victory, the lovely Nikki Oxford! So – who is Nikki, and what does she have to offer?

Nikki qualified in 1995 and since then has worked virtually everywhere we can think of. She has had experience of working in the NHS, corporate settings, private sector and sports as well as an extended time working at The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court (which is where she first met Nell, over 10 years ago!)

Nikki has also been involved in providing physiotherapy to numerous sporting disciplines over the years, having worked for 17 years in Rugby Union, and she has also worked for  the Lawn Tennis Association, toured with Matthew Bourne’s ballet production of Swan Lake (the one with the male swans), and worked in golf and sailing.

She has always continued to strive to extend her knowledge, and after many long courses went on to undertake and complete an MSc in Sports Medicine from Trinity College Dublin.  But this wasn’t enough for her, so Nikki has continued to study further, seeking out holistic ways to further help her patients from all angles.  Like Nell and Helen, she has completed training in the innovative Integrated Systems Model (developed by Diane Lee and LJ Lee) and ConnectTherapy Series.

These courses opened her horizons and set her to searching for more understanding of the body and she has gone on to study Visceral, Neural and Vascular manipulation under the Barral Institute. She is also qualified in Pilates and Acupuncture.

With the knowledge she has accrued and her mileage of patients, Nikki certainly takes a holistic view of the individual. She loves the patients who “just do not seem to get better” or have complex stories.

When she is not working, Nikki loves to be outside or by the coast and yacht sailing, although her partner Simon and 6 year old daughter Evie keep her on her toes, along with school PTA and girl guiding duties!

Nikki is available at Victory only on Wednesdays between 9am and 1pm, so don’t hang around as her slots will be going fast!  Call us on 0207 175 0150 to book your assessment.