Our sports rehab therapists can help get you moving again once you've finished physiotherapy

Exercise Rehabilitation

Yours goals and lifestyle determine the exercises that will work for you. That’s why we consider the full person, not just their injury. Whether you want to run around with the kids or enter a cycling event, try to give your body the best start possible. Check all of your kit, from racquet to trainers, and if it’s old, worn or doesn’t fit, throw it away and get new gear. If sport isn’t your thing, just make sure you stay on top of your physio or rehab exercises, and do a range of stretches to keep yourself flexible and injury-free.

If you’re newly recovered from an injury and going back to training, there are a few things to consider. Your body will adapt to the demands you place on it, but it takes time! Build up your exercises gradually, get a decent night’s sleep each night, and work recovery time and rest days into your schedule.