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Discover how resilient you truly are!

Find out how well you function under pressure with our unique resilience assessment

The corporate world can be tough. Working against tight deadlines, having to make critical decisions daily and using complex information that needs to be processed almost immediately – and that’s all before your morning meetings!

You already juggle hundreds of complex tasks every day, some without even thinking about them. But do you ever wonder what else you could do with some extra help? Perhaps be even more productive, more focused or just maybe a little bit less stressed.

If you would, then you may be the ideal candidate for our resilience package.

Over the course of a unique one-hour assessment, we can help you to benchmark your level of information processing, stress and fatigue resistance, focus and flexibility (all vital for being able to perform at the highest level) and put together a bespoke three-month programme of specific exercise-based treatment to help you optimise any issues that may be holding you back.

At just £147 plus the cost of a salivary cortisol test and lifestyle blood analysis, you have nothing to lose – call us on 0207 175 0150 to find out how resilient you truly are!

Resilience Assessment

Watch therapists Elizabeth and Helen demonstrate some of the testing methods that inform our Resilience Package, designed to help you benchmark and improve your ability to process information, withstand stress and fatigue, improve your focus and mental toughness, and reduce your risk of injury.