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Enhance your recovery with a few of our favourite things

Yoga for Stressed People


Overwhelmed? Stress can have an impact on every area of your life, and is something most of our patients mention. We’ve put together a yoga course specifically designed to reduce stress, leaving you more able to manage whatever life throws at you. You’ll have access to videos of the routine, information on the science behind stress, a mood tracker and loads more. Give it a go on Thinkific, here.

Pelvic Pain, Pelvic Drivers


A course designed for people with pelvic pain, or pain brought on by other body parts compensating for their pelvis. This in-depth course takes you through an RSM (Release, Stabilise, Move) programme specifically designed to help your pelvis function better and reduce pain coming from a pelvic driver.

Foot Pain, Foot Drivers


Our online course designed for people who have foot pain or have pain brought on by their body compensating for sore or dysfunctional feet. The course has series of exercises following the RSM (Release, Stabilise, Move) programme to help your feet move and feel better.

5 Minutes to Healthier Knees


Knee pain is a common problem, but there are lots of simple and manageable things you can do to help improve your knee pain. In this course, we go through some quick and easy exercises (as well as the science behind them) so that you can reduce your knee pain and get back to moving easily.

Stretches for Desk Based Workers


If you spend all day at a desk, you might be becoming ‘chair shaped’ – this can mean becoming stiff, with pain your shoulders, neck and hamstrings. We’ve put together some stretches and exercises just for those people who spend all day at a desk to help get you moving again.