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Sport Specific

Your needs are completely unique. A sprinter and a tennis player both need to run, but the demands on their bodies are completely different. We recommend you work with an experienced coach or trainer in your field and make sure they take your needs into account. If you have a history of injury, they should allow for that and tailor training to suit you. A really good trainer will be happy to work alongside other specialists – from physios to rehab therapists to nutritionists – to make sure you’re feeling and performing your best.

Know your enemy – learn about injuries for your sport. We hope that you’ll never get injured, but each sport comes with specific risks, and prevention is much better than recovery! For example, footballers often end up with anterior cruciate ligament injuries from tackles – some basic exercises and stretches can help keep the knee in shape to avoid this taking hold. Meanwhile, cyclists can avoid getting characteristic sore wrists or stiff necks with simple stretches and wrist movements. Head over to our Amazon shop to find the ebooks and exercises relevant to you.

That shiny piece of equipment may be expensive, but it’s not necessarily right for you. If you’re ready to make a big workout purchase, speak to an expert. They can analyse your movements and recommend kit that will work with and for your body and technique. If you’re buying a pair of running shoes, make sure you get a gait analysis done – most good running shops will do this for you. If you’re buying a bike, talk to our lovely friends at Swift Cycles about picking the right machine for you. And the team at Victory can show you how to move efficiently on it.