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Sports Massage London

What is sports massage?

Sports massage involves working on the soft tissue, which is as basically everything in your body that isn’t bones or organs – so, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Our therapists use a range of different techniques, including massage, to help relieve aches, pains and niggles all over the body and to help people move more freely.

This therapy is a more specific form of treatment than a spa massage or a deep tissue massage. A sports massage therapist has higher qualifications and has spent many years studying the anatomy and physiology of the body. The therapist is qualified to assess, treat and prescribe aftercare to treat specific areas of concern helping to resolve the problem and prevent it from reoccurring again.


I’ve just had an operation or other treatment – is it still safe for me to have a session?

Absolutely!  In fact, post-operative massages can really help the healing process – they can help improve lymphatic drainage to reduce the oedema (swelling) around the site of the operation. It can also help mobilise and repair scar tissue, and to reduce the visibility of scarring (although you should wait at least two weeks after your operation for this). It can also promote healing after muscle strains and ligament sprains. Do let your therapist know what you’ve had done so that they can make sure the treatment is safe for you, or if you’re worried then please give us a call or speak to your doctor before you book an appointment.

     I haven’t had an operation – but I do spend hours every day at my desk….

    You aren’t alone there! We see lots of patients every day with postural issues – the most common are neck or shoulder pain brought on by sitting at a desk, and sometimes upper back issues. Quite often, if left untreated, these can develop into tension headaches, migraines, or more severe back pain. Our sports massage therapists can find the source of the pain, work on releasing your tight muscles, and then give you exercises to help avoid the pain coming back.


    What if I’m not injured – what will a soft tissue session do for me?

    That depends on what you need. Often, our patients aren’t injured – but they are serious about their training! Massages can improve your sports performance. For example, imagine you’re a runner and struggling to improve your times despite doing lots of training. You aren’t experiencing any pain and don’t seem to be injured – but your therapist discovers that the muscles around your hips are very tight – and when they’ve been released, you find that you have a much better range of motion. Your stride improves and suddenly you find you’re able to improve your times. Similarly, we wrote a blog post some time ago about how one of our patients made huge improvements with his weight lifting after having regular sports massage.