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Good form is vital to a good workout. There’s no point in doing fifty squats if you’re doing them incorrectly! Doing an exercise incorrectly not only stops you getting the most from it, it also puts you at risk of injury as you compensate for bad movement patterns. If you aren’t sure how to do an exercise correctly, ask your trainer or an expert before you try. If you’re working out at home, visit our YouTube channel for a range of video guides.

Cardio is great, but it’s actually not the most efficient way to keep in shape. Building muscle helps speed up your metabolism, since muscle is metabolically active tissue. Even at rest, muscles use energy and burn fat. This doesn’t mean that you need to do loads of weight lifting, or buy expensive equipment. Simple resistance training can involve as little as your own body weight to begin with, working up to small dumbbells or kettlebells.

Strength isn’t just about how much you can lift. When people think of muscles, they tend to think of ‘power’ muscles, which help you perform an action, but stability muscles have a hugely important job too, and are often ignored during training sessions. These muscles stabilise your body – think of your transversus abdominus (core abdominal muscle) holding you upright as you sit at your desk, for example. Here at Victory, we provide sessions dedicated just to the core muscles. Pop in and see us and we’ll soon have you standing proud.