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What do you offer in the studio?

At Victory, we have a studio that we use for all of our exercise-based therapy: exercise rehabilitation, movement & balance, yoga and Pilates.  We offer exercise rehabilitation, yoga and Pilates as semi-private sessions, with a maximum of 4 patients per session.  Having such a small group allows our therapists to give you plenty of individual attention during the session, but without the associated price tag.




Experienced instructor Abi takes a pragmatic and functional approach to yoga, seeing it as a useful tool to help you improve your movement patterning, control, flexibility and strength. She mainly offers semi private sessions at Victory but is happy to work with you individually if you would prefer this, especially if you have particular poses or sequences that you want to work on.



    Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Pilates, and encompasses ballet-style movement with the concept of highly controlled movement of the whole body, to help build strength, control, flexibility and endurance. Lauren’s Pilates experience, combined with her physiotherapy qualifications, means she can put together sessions which will push you just the right amount, whilst avoiding injury. Her expert anatomy knowledge means she can modify the exercises to suit every level of flexibility and fitness.

      Exercise rehabilitation

      You can read about individual exercise rehabilitation here.  Once you are moving well and are ready to progress from individual sessions, Helen may recommend that you progress to her semi-private exercise rehabilitation sessions, where up to 4 people may attend to work on their individual exercises, but under supervision, to provide motivation and to ensure correct form.